Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Compulsive Cookbook Collector?

These are some of the cookbooks on my desk in my kitchen

These are more cookbooks in the desk drawer

And more in another drawer

another drawer

and in the cupboard above the desk

If that is not enough

I even have them UNDER the desk!

Do you think I have too many? LOL


  1. Yes zoey, I think you have far too many. You can't possibly use them all, can you?

  2. Remember that delicious meal you had on New Year's Eve?

    Twice-baked potatoes.
    Page 6 of the 5th book from the left top shelf.

    Hee hee,,,just kidding, Mom.

    If I ever sit and watch an entire movie, I sometimes grab one and just leaf thru looking for new things to make.
    When I actually want a recipe I rememeber, I have forgotten which book it is in!

  3. Um, no! I have two bookcases of cookbooks! You need a general location for all of yours. I can just see you searching out a recipe-is it in the drawer, cupboard, where is it? I do that too (searching the shelves), but then I find little gems like the Chicken soup cookbook I mentioned in my blog tonight.
    I tell people I read my cookbooks like novels.

  4. I just read your reply to your mom. Do you have a photogenic memory? ; )

  5. yes i do remember that excellent dinner. i guess i was wrong. mom

  6. NO ONE can ever have too many cookbooks. Where else do all those great meals come from.

    who is envious of your collection, but is in the process of making a pretty good one herself...lol

  7. I see you have Fannie Farmer's cookbook there-one of my favorites. What's the bean cookbook-lentil, etc? : )
    I also love my Bed & Breakfast Cookbook.
    Did you see you were tagged on my blog?
    Here's the questions in case you are interested.
    Ok, here it goes:
    Four jobs I've had:

    Four movies I could watch over and over:

    Four places where I've lived:

    Four favorite tv shows

    Four places where I have been on vacation:

    Four favorite foods:

    Four places I'd rather be right now:

    Four sites I visit daily:

    Four people to tag.

  8. Yes, Dianne, the bean one is all kinds of lentil recipes. If I remember correctly, the Fannie Farmer has a good cooked chocolate fudge frosting recipe.
    Each book seems to have one or two recipes that I keep going back to find.


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