Thursday, January 26, 2006

I am Ready for Summer

Last night I finished my 7th (and probably last) pillow for the deck. I found a triple star paper-pieced pattern that I wanted to try. These pillows were great for teaching myself paper-piecing. I got to practice on something that would end up being useful to me. And I got to use wickedly bright colors that I would never dream of using in my home.

I still need to stuff them all, but will wait another couple of months to do that. They are much easier to store flat. These are the three different designs all together.

With the triple star I finally realized the value of paper-piecing. It would have been nearly impossible to traditionally piece all those angles.

I am quite happy with them and glad that I learned a new technique.


  1. They look fantastic, Zoey. You must post a photo of them when they are on your beautiful deck surrounded by all of your lovely pot plants.

  2. Wow they are great! I am going to have to try those.

  3. Thank you, Alice and Crazygramma.


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