Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Summer Memories

on this dark, dreary, dismal day in Michigan I am beginning to miss my garden


  1. Boy zoey, i'm missing summer too. Oh by the way, i like the new picture. Mom

  2. Zoe, this picture produced and a long "ohhhhh" from me. It's just beautiful. You should submit it to "Birds and Blooms". Sweet William is another favorite of mine. We are in zone 5 too and apparently had the same weather as you last Tuesday :)

  3. Kerri,
    How nice to meet another zone 5'er! Haven't we had great weather so far in January?
    Thank you for the pic compliment. I like Sw. Wm., too. It is so easy to grow. I planted 2 packages of seeds 15 years ago and they just keep reseeding!


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