Saturday, January 21, 2006

I Tried Something New

I paper-pieced some hearts this morning. You see, I don't know how to paper piece. I think one of Brit's posts inspired me. Someone showed her how and she said it was not as difficult as she had originally thought.

I don't have anyone to show me how. In my nonblogging life, I don't know any quilters.

Sad, but true.

Anyway I saw a quilt pattern I liked in a magazine and darned if it wasn't paper-pieced. So I made some photo copies and decided to try it again.

It took two tossed hearts to figure it out.
I have discovered that knowing which piece to start with is the big secret!
Anyway I did these and they turned out OK.

I am going to do something with them for the new deck quilts. Not sure what yet--still tossing ideas around in my head. They might end up being pillows, or I may make more and turn them into a small throw quilt for the glider.

Right now the leading idea is to use the heart square for the center of a log cabin block for the glider throw. I need something quick and easy since its going on the deck. We shall see..........


  1. The hearts look fantastic. I found when paper peicing (and it's not something I do often) that I work out the order they are to be sewn on, then write it onto the paper you are sewing the fabric too. Found I can't stuff it up then....well not often anyway.

  2. That' a good tip, Calidore. I don't think I will be doing too much of it either.


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