Monday, January 23, 2006

I've Been Wondering....

When you upload a picture to Blogger (using Blogger’s own feature) where are the files stored?

I have uploaded picures and then deleted them before posting. Are those pictures still someplace on Blogger where I could delete them?

How much space does each blog get on Blogger?

As you know I have a TON of pictures on this blog. Will I run out of space at some point?

And because I find it hard to post without a picture

WHY, do I get this little blurb across my screen every time I go into my site?
There must be something in my template that needs tweaking.


  1. I upload my pictures using Picassa. Very easy and user friendly. Deleting pictures is easy using this free program.

  2. Sandy, I have picassa and used to use it all the time. Now I use Blogger more because I can upload 3 or 4 at a time. I don't think Picassa allows that. But even with Picassa aren't they still taking up a lot of megs of space?

  3. Zoey - I've wondered about that message that pops up on your blog, but then I just ignore it - as I do with most things I don't understand! I use Picasa for my photos, too, although it's a bit of a pain having to cut and paste if you want them all on the same posting, which I always do. I don't know if they are taking up heaps of space - that's way too technical for me.

  4. Alice, when you say you "cut and paste" from Picasa, do you have to upload each picture by itself and then copy the code and paste it into whichever post you want it to be in and then delete the post you copied it from?

    Is that clear as mud? LOL.
    I did not know you could do that. I always just did separate posts.

    I have just ignored that little blurb that comes up on mine, too. But if someone knows how to get rid of it, I could try.

    Yes, this stuff can be confusing.

  5. I use flickr for my photos - I can delete them when I want and can organise them into sets such as a cq set. I can also upload I think about 8 at a time to the site. To put them on your blog you can just hit the button above each photo to "Blog This" or you can cut and paste into your post when you are typing it. Just means you have to have two windows open on your computer while you do it. Sometimes though I do just click on the link that blogger provides. I don't think too much about the techinical stuff though.

  6. I'm confused by just reading this. I'm happy to just figure out how to get a picture on. After I download my pics I choose my favorites, burn them on a disc, then delete them off my computer.

  7. I too noticed that message on the screen when your blog loads. It of course has something to your with your comments and margin, so it may be part of your blogger html commands that isn't being hidden by coding.
    I use blogger's photos most of the time. I happen to be looking at settings and it mentioned something about 999 posts?!-think that's the limit? I am creeping up to 800 myself.

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  9. You have two < / style >. I think if you take one off it will be okay. You can always restore edit.

  10. Zoey - your description of 'cut and paste' is correct, using the Blogger Edit Posts. It's quite easy to do, especially if your internet download operates quickly. It's a real pain if you have a slow one and have to wait for each operation.

    Calidore - I opened a Flickr account but still can't work out how to link it to my sidebar. Yes, I'm sure it's as easy as breathing but it still eludes me.

    Although I put them on a CD every few weeks, I still leave them on the computer as well. Definitely not as organised as Sandy.

  11. Dianne,
    You are exactly correct! I removed the first instance of < /style> and it worked.
    Thank you so much.
    Limit of 999 posts? Then what? Do you have to leave blogland? I suppose you just delete archives.

    I noticed, Calidore, that many use Flicker. Maybe I will check that out.

    Sandy, I also save mine to CD. But like Alice, I leave most on the computer, too. It is just easier to go and find them when I need to post.

  12. Now we have to figure out why your blogger header is so short.
    Glad I could help.
    I'll have to look at the setting thingie again to figure out what they mean by 999.

  13. In formatting it says:
    Show-days or posts on the main page.
    If Days is selected, a limit of up to 999 posts will be enforced.

    So you can show up to 999 on the main page at one time?

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  15. (Opps-I want to type in correctly what blogger says)

    I typed in the web addy associated with the photos and a white page with these words came up:
    This server never speaks in pictures.

    Interesting. They don't want you to use blogger as FTP space. I have yahoo photos for my own personal backup.

  16. I have a short blogger header?
    Please elaborate on what you mean by that.
    I thought all my problems were fixed! LOL
    Yes, I think you can have 999 show up on the first page if you want to. Of course it would take so long to load that nobody would hang around to read anything!

  17. It's the blue header at the very top that's too short. I was looking at your page html and couldn't figure it out yet.

  18. Hey Zoey,
    Try changing the color of the top bar in template and see if it corrects itself. I'm just curious. : )

  19. Didn't work, Dianne.
    Any other ideas?


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