Sunday, January 22, 2006

Chicken & 3 Pasta Soup

Last night my son and my Mom & Dad were here for dinner.
I cooked stuffed chicken breasts.

Since I had thawed 12 chicken breasts and only cooked 8 of them, I had to do something with the other four this morning.

I decided to make soup again. This time chicken noodle (I do love soup). I have no recipe for this as it's a "throw-in-whatever-you-feel-like" type of soup.

The only thing worth mentioning about the cooking procedure is the "noodle" portion.

I like to use different shapes of pasta in the same soup. . . just something about the different textures appeals to me.

I used a thin noodle, orzo, and Fiori. Fiori means flowers in Italian, which is just what the pasta looks like. Very cute and small.

If you have never used orzo, it is a tiny little pasta that looks much like rice.

Oh, one other thing I like to do is caramelize the onions prior to adding them to the soup. The onion flavor is so much better and it makes the broth a rich dark color.

It does take some time (at least half an hour) to caramelize the onions, so I like to cook extra and have them on hand. I cooked them yesterday because I needed some for the stuffed chicken anyway. (caramelizing is just cooking slowly in a little butter and olive oil until they turn a rich brown color. It adds sweetness to the onion).

I made a HUGE pot (you would think I was cooking for an army instead of just two!). I think I will take some over to my Mom & Dad.

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