Sunday, January 15, 2006

With only 4 cups in each bag, I can fit two filled bags in each can.

Cover, label and freeze them (right in the Folgers can) for a quick no-cook future meal.

Notice the handy dandy indents in the can for holding.
The soup will keep for at least a couple of months in the Folgers can. The heavy plastic helps to prevent freezer burn.

You can freeze anything you want to in them. I have also used them for cookies.

Hopefully someone got a tip or two from this post which took me a long time--stopping every step of the way taking pictures does slow things down a bit!


  1. Hi Zoey! We don't use Folger's coffee but I will keep my eye out for the perfect size of a container to use for zip-lok bags. Sometimes I freeze them in the casserole dish I will use to heat them up in and just remove the bag when frozen. I like the log-roll idea for the hamburger. Will do that. We love hamburger soup.

    I think 'mirepoix' is the correct word for the chopped up veggie mix, though.

    I'm always looking for ways to make cooking dinner easier. Thanks for your ideas and inspiration!

  2. well obviously I need to take up drinking folgers ..this was a great post..thanks!

  3. Oh, Sabine, I think you are correct! Thank you. I will have to go change that.
    Your welcome, Brit.

  4. Zoey you never fail to amaze me.

  5. Clever! I don't buy the big Folgers as I only drink tea. My husband tends to buy the paper/foil bags of coffee. Wonder what else would work?
    Your soup looked scrumptious. : )

  6. Loved this post. After my father died my mom who was used to cooking large amounts of stew, soups, etc started putting freezer bags into large mugs and they were the perfect size for one person, plus she always placed them in a roasting pan so anything that was spilled landed in the roaster and was easy to clean.

  7. Great idea, crazygramma. It is so difficult to cook for just one person. Thanks for sharing this tip.


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