Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Still Trying to Learn Paper-Piecing

I am intrigued by this paper piecing. I decided to try a larger block before I forgot what I had learned.

I copied the pattern, taped the 4 pieces together and numbered them all

Then I just cut chunks of fabric that somewhat resembled the shape I needed, turned the pattern to the back side and started sewing

At this point I am not too optimistic. Did you ever see a more sorry-looking block?

I think the pattern should be on the back also. I can't tell where to place the piece to sew it on. I decided to use a pin to push through the front

When turned over you get this little holey line so you know where the fabric needs to end up

After ripping out and resewing 4 or 5 pieces that I still cut too short, I finally ended up with this

I have to say I am surprisingly happy with the outcome.


  1. Just a thought - instead of poking a pin along all those lines, why don't you tape the paper to a window and trace the lines lightly (on the back of the page) with a pencil. Seems to me it would save you some time and still have the desired effect.

    I do like the block though. Try doing a google search for paper peicing instructions. There are probably heaps out there that might give you some more ideas.

  2. Good idea, Calidore.
    I will try that on my next block. Although the pin pricks are very quick and easy--probably easier than trying to trace a straight line on a large block.
    I have been searching the net. I found a neat triple star block to try next.

  3. Zoey,
    I use tracing paper, then you can see it on both sides.. that might help


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