Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I can't believe

I ate the whole thing!

4.5 ounces
660 calories

The first half tasted so darn good--rich,warm,creamy, milk chocolate oozing through my now painless mouth. Sheer heaven!

After about 2 ounces, I remember thinking that I had eaten enough. But my hand kept shoving it in my mouth and before I knew what happened it was all gone.

I had to go make a cup of hot black tea to get rid of the lingering sweet taste.

OK, ladies, confession time - I can't possibly be the only one - have any of you ever eaten a big candy bar like this in one sitting?


  1. I have. And I will again! I would never look at the calorie count though!

  2. not that big, but this is my favorite candy bar....for now. i've been craving them...

  3. Does a big bag of M&Ms count? This was a while ago because I'm one of those people that worry about every morsel she puts in her mouth, though I'm 'solidly' built (thanks mom). Plus too much sugar makes me feel bad sometimes.
    But, I need chocolate almost daily.
    I just popped open a box of truffles tonight. Geez.

  4. Ashley and I inhale chocolate, we don't eat It has got to the stage that a family block of chocolate lasts less than 15 mins, a whole 20 if we want to be good. We now get to the half way mark and one has to hide it from the other so we get two nights out of a block. Good grief we are hopeless, and no we don't look at the calories or fat or anything else. Chocolate is meant to be enjoyed - guilt free. Which I might add - we do.

  5. LOL, ladies.
    When I looked at the calorie count, I actually thought 660 wasn't too bad for such a big bar!
    Since I hadn't had any candy for the past three weeks, I wasn't all that concerned. I agree with Calidore--it's meant to be enjoyed!

  6. Reminds me of the story of the lady who baked a chocolate chiffon pie (whatever that is), half of which was left after dinner. Later in the evening she became peckish and had a slice of pie, which was in the refrigerator, and another and another until there was none left. As she was on a strict diet she knew that her husband would be angry with her when he found out, so there was only one solution. She baked another chocolate chiffon pie - and ate half of that too so that there was still half a pie left in the fridge.

  7. Mmm. Want. Chocolate.

    Not the best possible breakfast, however. I may have to settle for Raisin Bran.

  8. Zoey, you would burn that off in no time!

    I'm sure I've munched through 660 calories at a sitting many a time. I miss chocolate. I developed acid reflux from Actonel and can't eat chocolate anymore. Waaaaa!!!

  9. I do not let large amounts of chocolate into my house. I would eat 2 of those if they were in my space. So I buy a regular size bar, never buy any Haloowe'en candy until that day. I have no control.

    The same holds true for potato chips.


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