Friday, January 20, 2006

"Zoey took her clothes off"

that is what someone googled and found my site.

Is there some s e x queen named Zoey (well, other than me, of course)? hee hee

Every now and then I get some search terms suggesting that the person is definitely not looking for flowers, quilts, or tablescapes!

The search always has the name, "Zoey" or "Zo" in it, which leads me to believe I share my name with some well-known p o r n o star.

Imagine their disappointment when they arrive here.


  1. Oh I dunno - there is a you-know-what movie with the same title as one of my blogs - Chloe's Place. Imagine their disappointment when they Google and end up with someone with a needle and thread fetish.

    But it does mean you should Google the name of your new blog BEFORE you start it, not after.

    There is also a really cute Labrador dog whose home page is also called Chloe's Place. You can just IMAGINE what she said when I told HER!

  2. LOL, Chloe. I guess we must all have these little problems.

  3. For awhile, I was getting A TON of hits for "hairy armpits" "hairy legs" "women shaving their armpits" etc.

    If that's a fetish, I'm completely appalled. Perhaps it is only something innocent, like a marketing person researching ways to advertise a new woman's razor. You never know.

  4. Ok, how do you gals know what people are googling?
    I have done my name in the past...nothing exciting. Guess I should be happy.

  5. Kasmira, that's so funny! Yes, I have heard of men having a fetish for hairy women.
    Dianne, my counter tells me where people came from. If they do a search, it indicates the search term. It can be interesting to look at now and then. Mine only gives me the last ten visitors (I guess you need to pay if you want the full service). If someone comes from your site, it will indicate that.

  6. Oh I like statcounter - - it gives you the last 100 hits in the freebie account. And is the same - you can see where they came from, and lots of other fun things.

  7. Chloe, thank you. I am going to try that one. I'd like to see more than the last ten.

  8. OIC,
    I just got that counter and haven't looked at all the features. Thanks for telling me how.


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