Sunday, January 22, 2006

I wish Santa didn't read blogs.

I posted my Christmas wish list and the dear old guy brought me just about everything I had asked for.

Including not one, but two of the silicone muffins pans that I thought would add immense pleasure to my baking life.

Yesterday I used them for the first time.

I eagerly tipped them over anticipating a clean tumble onto the awaiting rack

Hmmm...not one fell out...
I grabbed a knife and loosened the edges (something you are not supposed to have to do with the high-priced silicone pans).
They still did not fall.
I had to wrestle the knife around and under each one.
They finally came out.

What a waste of space in Santa's gift bag!
Bah Humbug.


  1. I wonder if it was because they had fruit in them? I bet they will still work better than metal pans if you give them a quick spray with cooking spray. (Even though you're not supposed to have to do that.) Really the problem is not that Santa read your blog, but that the maker of the pan didn't deliver what was promised. So please don't blame Santa. He knows a good girl when he sees one and just wants to make you happy.

  2. I agree with Kathy. I have the very same mold that I use for my clients on the days that I cook. I always spray them with cooking spray. They do much better popping out with the spay. Yes, I have also used a butter knife to loose them and then decided the spray would save me buying another pan. Even though they stuck, they do look yummy! Live and learn!

  3. vlb5757 welcome! You and Kathy are probably right about the cooking spray. I was going to use it, but thought I would try them the way they were intended. Next time I will use the spray.
    Kathy, there is no fruit in them. You are seeing cinnamon/sugar. I made cinnamon cupcakes. And, yes, it was not santa's fault. He is a wonderful guy, and I am sure he spent a long time trying to find them (being unfamiliar with the cooking section of any store) :).

  4. I can get that effect just from using my non stick metal baking Don't you just hate that happening. Like the others I would spray with baking spray - a really good spray. Nothing will stick them.

  5. Did you let them cool in the silcone? Could that be it? I'll have to ask my friend who just bought a bunch of silicone what she thinks of them.

  6. Aren't you meant to give the tray a "slight twist"??
    Not that I've tried waiting for someone else to say that the cakes dont crumble when you do it...the twist!


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