Sunday, January 29, 2006

Which Log Cabin Layout for the Glider?

Since I had so many extra strips of fabric cut, I decided to whip out a few more blocks to make a throw for the glider. Now I have to decide how to sew them together. I took pics of some of the possible layouts--I think I know which one I will use.

If you were here last night, yes, this picture changed. As I made more blocks the possibilities increased. Those who voted last night liked the bottom row, middle layout.

It will go in place of the crazy quilt throw in this photo. Some of the pillows,of course, will go here, too.
I guess I should make two more little throws for the tops of the 2 chairs. It really pays to have photos of your garden/deck. It is amazing how much you forget. . . like I totally forgot about the chairs until I looked at this picture.

Back to the sewing machine.


  1. Wow! All the layouts are charming, but I especially like the 1st one in the bottom row (red center). I love red! Really, any of them would be lovely! Looks like fun.

  2. Zoey, I like the first one in the bottom row. Really nice and bright.

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  4. Opps-I would go with what your mom says as mom always knows best.

  5. i vote for them all. does that help?

  6. I think they are all great. Could you rotate them, ie. change the covers every month or so, that way you would get to use them all.

  7. Oh, Alice, I am afraid I did not explain properly. I did not make this many quilts! I made a bunch of blocks and what you see are the different layouts I could do. I am trying to determine how to sew them together.
    Brit, that's a big help! LOL

  8. WOW! That's so much work already! But it all looks fantastic. I wish I could do that but, alas, I have not the patience or the neatness for anything log cabin-like. If you're still seeking suggestions, I say the middle row, left block. No, the top row, centre block. The bottom row, left block looks good as well. Hmmm, I hope that helps...!!


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