Saturday, May 21, 2005

Quilts I Have Known

While going through my digital pic files, I found a few of quilts I made through the past few years and decided to make a collage of them. (I do so enjoy that collage feature of Hello).


  1. Hello has a collage feature? You learn something new everyday!
    These are gorgeous!! Do you ever enter them in quilt shows?

  2. Zoey, those snowmans are awesome! ARe they an original design??

  3. Thanks guys. Brit, the snowman is actually a bunch of tiny log cabin blocks. It was from a book by Crystal Carter called Holiday Happenings or something similar.
    Dianne, No I have never entered in a quilt show. I am sure I do half of everything wrong as I am self taught--no classes or anything--just make them for the pure pleasure I get curling up under them each night.

  4. Just beautiful! Just gorgeous! Weel donne!


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