Thursday, May 26, 2005

Here are a few more of my newly planted containers. The first three are wall planters and have petunias with sweet potato vine,. The red petunia also has Tradescantia (Purple spiderwort ). The double container is a new one (I have two of them). I have gold marigolds and orange Gazanias (In the pics the blooms have closed for the night- they are an intense orange color). I forgot that Gazanias close up in the afternoon. Since they are closed when I get home from work, I will only be able to see them on the weekends - probably not the best choice. Live and learn.


  1. Lovely yard, lovely planters. I guess your week off wasn't for rest and you are feeling the effects of it now.
    Sorry about the mosquitoes. I see a few, but they aren't 'bugging me yet'. That's why I try to get my planting in before June 1st. I still have to mulch a few areas too. Will the work ever end?

  2. I love your metal planters, they are beautiful.

    Having just discovered your blog from a post you made on mine, I plan to keep up on what's new through my Bloglines feed.

  3. Welcome, Mia. The metal planters are very nice looking, but difficult to water as it (the water) flows out as fast I pour it in. The planters are lined with landscape fabric and screeing.


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