Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Day of No Gardening

Yesterday I did not do a single gardening-related thing. After work, I had to get my nails done. The week of planting really did a number on them. Now they are all nice, neat and freshly French manicured.

Sunday I bought a half barrel to replace my whiskey barrel. It has a nice BIG planting area, which I love. I went looking for plants to mimic the bodacious planter (from the contest post below). Of course I could not find any of the plants here. So I will just have to use what I can find in similar colors. Maybe tonight I can get it planted.

My boss and I have to leave at 7am this morning for another meeting. This time it is only an hour and a half drive. It is a regional meeting and our bosses (the BIG bosses (i.e. our hotel owners) will be there. From my understanding there is some human resource stuff happening and that is why I have to be there. I just hope I get home in time to do some planting.

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