Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Barrel Plants

Last night I was too tired to finish my post. I wanted to tell you what plants I had planted in the barrel:

Persian Shield (back middle - should get 3 feet tall). A foliage plant with purple leaves & silver veins. I have not grown this one before.
Celosia -Red foliage plants on each side in the back. They will get red spikey flowers
Celosia - orange and yellow spikey things
Osteopernum - purple daisy
Calibrocha - It is a tiny yellowish petunia- like flower spilling over the edge. I believe it is also called million bells.
Sweet Potato Vine - planted two of these - -purple foliage
Scaevola aemula: Blue wonder, Escabola, Fan flower - Trailing purplish thing in front (I planted this at work last year and it was beautiful)

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  1. Zoey,
    Thanks for listing what you've put in your barrel. I recently got my barrel moved to my apartment balcony (it had been at my old residence for almost 2 years...the rose had died and a huge weed had taken over) but haven't figured out what I could plant in it. I came across your blog this afternoon. Very helpful!


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