Wednesday, May 25, 2005

No Deer Damage

I am so happy to report that the Hinder seems to be working. It has been 4 nights now and no deer damage to the hostas. I sprayed them again tonight. We still have not had any rain, but the leaves are opening and I thought I had better get some on them. Florrie, thank you again, for spurring me on to purchase this. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to stroll the gardens and NOT have deer damage.

The weather has been warming up here--today it was high 70's. Last night I left most of my plants out and tonight I put the tuberous begonia hanging baskets out. It's been about 45 degrees at night, so I hope they will be OK. I can't take much more of the haul-them-out and haul-them-back-in routine.

I have the majority of the containers planted. I need to touch up the paint on a few of them. I like to paint almost all of my containers green so they don't compete with the flowers. I even paint the plastic containers. They do chip off easily, but it is easy to touch them up each year with a can of spray paint.

I am off now to check everyone's blogs to see what you all have been up to.


  1. Zoey
    I have been away (visiting Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania - what a wonderful experience!) so I didn't see this post until tonight. I want to say that I'm so glad the deer repellent is working. It was almost dark when we returned tonight so I didn't get to visit my hosta gardens. Hopefully there is no deer damage. I sprayed everything early this week, but there has been quite a bit of rain while we were gone, so I'm hoping that the rotten eggs smell wasn't washed away. I'll spray again tomorrow.
    I do enjoy the pictures of your gardens and hobbies and your on-line journal!

  2. Florrie, How exciting visiting Longwood. I wish I had some wonderful gardens like that to visit.
    Yes, the repellant is still working. I am just thrilled to look out each morning and see the hostas getting bigger.
    I am glad you are enjoying my blog. It is a fun hobby (blogging)--do you happen to have a blog or a website?

  3. No, Zoey, I do not have a blog or a website. My grown children consider me rather computer-illiterate! And perhaps they're right...I must admit that I had never seen a blog before I saw yours, and it was only a week or two before that, that I realized that there was such a thing!
    Longwood Gardens is a wonderful place. We had to travel 200 miles to get there, but it was worth it. If you are ever in the vicinity, do go!
    Regarding damage to that I seem to have the deer problem solved (at least I hope I do), I wish I knew what to do about slug damage. It takes only a few minutes to spray deer repellent, but all spring and summer long I spend an hour or two every day hand-picking slugs and even then I am able to put hardly a dent in the number of them. I wish there was an answer for THIS hosta problem!


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