Thursday, May 19, 2005

From White to (Bright) Yellow

I have been working outside for the past two days. Today I decided to paint my white table and chairs. I thought yellow might be nice. It is brighter than I expected, but I think I might like it with the orange, purple, red and yellow flowers that will be on the deck this year. I was at Wally's World at 7:30 a.m. getting paint. It took 5 cans of only .97/can paint. So for 5 bucks and a few hours of time, I have a new table. I bought six cans, so now I have to find something else to paint to tie the color in with entire deck.


  1. I love the yellow! So cheery!
    I love spray paint too. I need to touch up my wrought iron chairs and it just takes a little sanding and a few sprays of the paint. I even painted my old metal clothesline poles dark green to 'blend in' with the background a little. And it helped. (You love green too, I've seen your pots, etc).

  2. Yes, I do LOVE geen. I have painted almost all of my containers green (even the plastic ones). In most cases I want the pot to blend in with the plant, not stand out. I was going to paint my closeline poles green, too, but we took them out 15 years ago and they are still lying on the ground on my wooded lot! Every now and then I mention to DH that it would be nice to have them just to use for drying my quilts. I'd say the odds are I will never get them put back up.


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