Sunday, May 29, 2005

I Must Be One Whimpy Gardener

It was 48 degrees at 9am, so true to my word, I stuck my head out and, not only was it not windy, but the sun was shining, so out I went to finish edging. This area is done. It took a total of 4 wheelbarrow loads (it goes about another 20 feet beyond what you can see in the picture) and was pretty easy work. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for venturing out when it was not quite 50 degrees, until I looked over and saw my neighbor out gardening in shorts and a tank top! Geez, I had on a long-sleeved shirt made out of longjohn fabric and a jacket. I heard some ungodly noises out there and thought it was a bunch of fighting dogs until I looked up and saw a whole slew of geeze flying in formation--like a hundred or so of them--it was quite a site and I wished I had not just put my camera away.


  1. Your edging looks nice. What do you use to make the little "ditch" around your beds?


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