Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sunday Cooking

I did not find coleus Sedona yesterday, so the hunt is still on. It did rain (finally!) while I was gone. It is only 39 degrees this morning. I really need to get out and do some weeding, but this bod does not venture out in 39 degree weather! I might open the deck door and stick my nose out at about 49 degrees. If there is no wind, I may grudginly bundle up and go out...only because I am at the point of MUST WEED because I have been putting it off for so long. Tomorrow I have to work (yes, I know it is a holiday for most people, but not for me). Tuesday after work, I have to go to yet another meeting in Detroit (that's the 4.5 hour drive again). We will go down Tue. night and come back about 9 - 10 pm on Wed. night. So once again I have no garden time after today until at least Thursday evening. This is my third meeting for the month of May and it should be my last for a while. I do not normally have to go through this torture so often.

Today I do need to cook a few things so DH has something to eat while I am gone. I am planning to make cheeseburger soup (I love that stuff!) and sweet/sour pork with rice. I have already peeled the carrots, & sliced the celery & onion so it will be ready when I am. I just heard my first load of laundry go off, so must go tend to that.

I hope most of you are not working the holiday and have a great long weekend. Please take the time to thank a veteran or at least take a moment to remember the sacrifices they have made for our freedom.

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