Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sedum Autumn Joy

I do believe that Sedum Autumn Joy is the one plant I could not do without. I use it extensively - see all those little lighter green mounds--they are all AJ. This picture shows what I love most about it -- not the flower, but the "neatness" of it. It always looks good--from the moment the little knubs sprout from the ground, to this compact mound stage, to pink flowers in September. For me it is incredibly easy to grow; it demands nothing but cutting the foliage back in the spring. When I want more, I just stick the shovel in the center and take out half (which I do almost every year). It needs very little water and has no pests. It does not seem to tempt the deer. When it blooms, butterflies and bees love it - I can have 5 or 6 butterflies on one plant (and dozens of bees).

Have I mentioned I LOVE this plant?


  1. I use to have some, but it's gone 'bye-bye'. I want more now after seeing your photos!

  2. Run---don't walk---to your local nursery. This plant is too wonderful to be without. If you lived near me, I would just chop off a hunk and give it to you.


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