Sunday, May 29, 2005

Quiz Time

Who can tell me what this trailing plant is? I am assuming it is something from the same family as the wandering jew houseplant (I know, I know, it is now politically incorrect to call that houseplant by that name, BUT I do not know it by any other, so don't be flaming me). I bought 8 of these "premium hanging baskets" at Walmart, and, of course, the tag does not say what it is. I have discovered that I can cut off pieces and just stick them in the soil and they will take root. I will be sticking this stuff in everything!


  1. The plant you are wondering about even looks a little like Bridal's Veil or what you said.
    Your yard is looking great! I am still tidying up in a few places before I mulch some of the beds. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I have been goggling trailing plants and I don't think it's bridal veil. I do believe it is some form of wandering jew, but not exactly sure yet.


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