Tuesday, May 24, 2005


  1. Your new barrel looks great already with the young plants. Great combos and nicely arranged. I have a question-do you buy all your flowers at once or do you go around to different places to find old favorites or unusual new plants? I have to tell you that I saw that reddish orange coleus in your previous post and loved it! I stopped at one place tonight and they didn't have one coleus plant! I wanted some white flowers and more portuluca. I ended up buying 2 Autumns Joys (hurrah) and 2 fairly large geraniums for a big white wicker basket I got at a fair over the weekend.
    I tend to buy as I go, but have a sketchy plan at the beginning and after most of the planting is completed I fill in the holes with plants that I think will look good. I really like to get everything planted by June 1st. If I happen to catch some 'they need to get rid of plants for 10¢ sale', then I will keep adding things.

  2. I go to different places and buy as I see something that appeals to me. I, too, cannnot find any of the sun coleus this year. That plant with red foliage in the barrel is actually celosia. I went to three places looking for orange/red coleus, but no luck.
    Glad to hear you got some Sedum AJ. I think you won't be sorry with that one.


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