Monday, May 30, 2005

My apple tree is in bloom. It is quite beautiful at the moment. Unfortunately all of those lovely flowers will turn to apples which I will have to pick up from the ground this fall.


  1. You guys are definitely about 2-3 weeks behind us as our apple trees bloomed already. I have this ancient one and can't take care of it properly as it got too big. The other one needs help also. We have two pear trees that Brian finally trimmed the suckers from. But alas, he doesn't spray them and the bees sting all the fruit or the fruit gets mildew on it. Fruit trees weren't my idea.
    Do you have a veggie patch?

  2. Yes, that is where I throw them, Kasmira.
    No, Dianne. I do not do veggies. Fortunately my Dad lives one mile away and he is very generous with his.

  3. Gorgeous corner! I will love to sit on this lovely bank!


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