Monday, May 9, 2005

I love cookbooks and have quite a collection of them. I especially enjoy these small specialty ones. Saturday I stopped at a sale and picked up about 15 more. The three Good Houskeeping ones in the front are copyrighted 1958. I do enjoy the older ones for the pictures of "how it used to be" -- all the ladies in the crisp pristine aprons happily cooking the family meals. Does anyone still wear an apron? Does anyone still have all afternoon to spend on one meal? Oh, the Good Old Days.


  1. Hey Zoey!
    I have many of the same booklets and magazines that you have pictures here. If you happen to have the first issue of 'Everyday Food' by Martha Stewart Living, you can get big bucks for it on eBay. : )
    And I do wear an apron most of the time because I do like clean clothes.

  2. Hi Dianne,
    Maybe I am the only one who does not wear an apron???
    Don't believe I have the MS issue, who I have so many, I really can't be sure.


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