Thursday, May 19, 2005


They ate the hosta.


  1. Zoey
    I understand the frustration of watching the tender hosta sprouts emerge from the soil only to see them nibbled to the ground. I live in the woods and grow many hostas because there is little sun here. I've tried many things, including erecting 6 foot fences only to have the deer jump them to get at their goodies. For the past two years I've sprayed the hostas with Liquid Fence (putrescent egg solids) - and the battle appears to be over! I am thrilled! It does have an obnoxious odor which disappears quickly, though it repels deer for a long time. Have you tried this kind of deer repellent? Now if I had only sprayed my evergreen shrubbery, which I didn't because the deer had never touched them before.....

  2. Thank you, Florrie. I have not tried it, but I am going to get some just as soon as I can. Where do you buy it? Does it have to be ordered on the net? Do you reapply after every rain?

  3. Hi Zoey
    I buy Liquid Fence at Agway. I believe that DeerOff is a similar product that may also be available at Agway. It is not cheap - I paid about $30 for a gallon of concentrate but it lasts a long time when diluted to the correct proportions. Ready-to-spray is also available. Their website is
    I do reapply after rain, though maybe it isn't necessary...the label doesn't say to.
    Hope it helps!


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