Wednesday, May 18, 2005


  1. Thanks for the pointers. I have some form of lily that I just use as a houseplant and don't dig it up. You guessed it, it doesn't bloom. What should I do this it now, cut it back or maybe repot it? As soon as I figure out what it is or find an old photo, I'll let you see it.
    Where do you buy your bulbs? I think I want to give cannas another shot.

  2. You can buy them at Walmart. I bought some orange ones this year, but have not planted those yet.
    I would guess the house plant is a peace lily? Sorry, I am not sure how to get it to rebloom -- I don't do house plants! lol -- just have no room for them and by the end of fall, I am happy to be rid of plant care for a few months.

  3. No, it's not a peace lily. I think it had a frilly orange flower on it when it bloomed a few years ago. It's just spindly green leaves right not.

  4. hmmmmmmm...don't know what it could be then.


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