Thursday, May 19, 2005

One Ugly Old Bag

Let's hope this improves with time! Last fall I bought a container at a garage sale and two of these heavy plastic bag planters were inside. I was thrilled as I have been looking for some, but could not find them any place. I want to hang them on the sides of my arbor. These impatiens should grow to cover the entire bag and you will just see a mass of orange hanging down the arbor. (right now they are hanging on the deck where they are close to the garage so it will be easy to put them to bed tonight).


  1. Hey Zoey,
    I've used those flower bags in the past. They worked pretty good. I would suggest (as I have read and done) that you should not hang it until the roots start to grow and take hold. So you should leave it flat for a few weeks. Good luck!

  2. Yes, the directions on the bag did say not to hang it for a few days. I have it lying on the garage floor now. Was it a pain to water? I have a feeling it may be.

  3. Just slowly water it from the top. I am glad you had the directions.


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