Sunday, May 22, 2005

Vacation is Over

I took the past week off to work in my gardens and get my containers planted and I accomplished quite a bit. I have 75% of the deck containers planted. Even though I still have to haul the plants inside at night, I had to get it done because this is the only time I would have to do it.

I really did not do much in the perennial gardens -- I weeded a couple of them and that was about it. With all the deer damage, I have just not been as enthused this year. I did use the Hinder spray last night and there was no new damage to the hostas. Maybe it really will work.

Remember the bag of impatiens I planted two days ago? Well, it is now minus three plants--a baby rabbit ate them. Yes, now I have baby rabbits right under the steps to my deck. I was sitting there this morning drinking coffee and the cute little thing hopped right out in front of me. I had been hearing noises from that area, but thought it was the usual squirrels. Ah, the joys of country life. Well, the Hinder says it works on rabbits, too. So now I will have to spray my container plants.

Tomorrow morning I must go back to dealing with people. Certainly it will be easier than dealing with all the critters around here!


  1. After the week I've had at work, dealing with the real people, give me the critters any day! Our current critter is a brushtailed possum who eats the birdseed out of our feeder and nibbles on my water poppy in the pond!

  2. Hi Michelle, I have seen a possum a few times just walking through my yard. So far no damage from them that I know of.


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