Saturday, May 21, 2005

Armed & Ready for Battle

Thanks to a comment from Florrie, I have new ammunition.

I understand the frustration of watching the tender hosta sprouts emerge from the soil only to see them nibbled to the ground. I live in the woods and grow many hostas because there is little sun here. I've tried many things, including erecting 6 foot fences only to have the deer jump them to get at their goodies. For the past two years I've sprayed the hostas with Liquid Fence (putrescent egg solids) - and the battle appears to be over! I am thrilled! It does have an obnoxious odor which disappears quickly, though it repels deer for a long time. Have you tried this kind of deer repellent?

I immediately went out in search of Liquid Fence. (I really do take these comments to heart!) Unfortunately I live in a rather rural area and the only real garden center we have, did not carry it. He suggested, Hinder, and assured me that he had indeed used it and it does work. So right now I have DH outside cleaning out the sprayer and I shall be armed & on ready for action soon. It is all out war now -- Look out Bambi!

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