Thursday, July 7, 2005

Once all the water is absorbed, cover the plants root ball with more soil, pat it down and then water it again. Yes, give it a good amount of water (this is to prevent air pockets under the soil).

There, you are done. I have been moving plants using this method for years and I rarely lose one. I am, of course, a very good Mom to my plants and I do pay special attention for the first two weeks or so to make sure it does not dry out.


  1. That's exactly what I do! I once moved a big bleeding heart in full bloom and it survived. I am still moving things around every day.

  2. I think the water is the key. The extra water helps to make up for the decrease in what the plant can take up. Do you ever shield them from the sun for a day or two? I've done that and it does seem to help sometimes.

  3. You go girl! I did the same thing myself today.

  4. Hmmmm...I'm not sure if your method would be wise in my sticky clay soil. I have not dug a hole yet that wasn't full of wet, gluey earth. I do give the plants a nice long drink after the planting, and I water them daily for a few days after.

    I'll keep the flooding method in mind when I finally move away from this awful dirt!

  5. Kasmira,
    If you have lots of clay, just add some peat moss when you transplant things. I need to get some myself! Some parts of my yard has more clay than others.

  6. I move plants all the time too. Generally because I am too lazy to find out when the best time for any particular plant is and because I will forget. I haven't tried this technique, but I am certainly going to start doing this. I usually just soak the ground well afterwards then water everyday for about a week.

    There is a product for clay soils that has worked well for me- Schultz Clay Soil Conditioner. But compost works even better!


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