Saturday, July 16, 2005

I planted this bee balm last fall. I think it is called petite pink delight. This is as tall as it gets. I hope it spreads like most bee balm does. I really like it and would not mind having a lot more of it.


  1. Hi Zoey, just stumbling around and ran into your blog...I am blown away by your garden!!! I am soooooo jealous, (normally not the jealous type) and would give anything to be sipping some tea there right now!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Welcome, Plumkrazzee (love your name!). Thank you for the kind comment. Do you take sugar in that tea?

  3. I love this beebalm! Does it get mildew?

  4. I like this bee balm-it looks almost like carnations.
    Hey,I was wondering if you ever buy plants from catalogs?

  5. Sandy, Not a speck of mildew on this one. (Of course we have had no rain to speak of all season, so nothing has any mildew this year.)

    Dianne, In the beginning I bought plants from catalogs (Brecks, Spring Hill, etc.). Most of those have not survived. I now buy only from local places so I can see what I am getting. Those catalog pictures are never what the plant actually looks like.

  6. I was just curious. I don't buy from catalogs either. I do look through the catalogs for ideas as I do with magazines and books.
    Any rain yet?
    All it's been doing is is raining off and on. I am just dying to go read outside one of these days.


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