Saturday, July 9, 2005

I love seating areas in gardens. This is one of the spots I go to when I need to get out of the hot sun. With the dense tree canopy it is a great spot to take a break and cool down. To the right there is an apple tree and you may be able to see the hundreds of tiny apples all over the ground. . . the price I pay for shade.


  1. I love the stone paving! How do you keep the weeds out? Roundup?

  2. I was going to get that mold but wasn't sure how it would look. I like yours a lot, so I might just go ahead and get one now. I have the cobblestone mold right now.

  3. I usually just pull out the weeds as they appear. Mostly I get feverfew or the pink mallow reseeding in the cracks. If I get it out early it pulls easily.

  4. What a wonderful spot to relax with a tea and take in the day. I WILL have a nice seating area in my next place too...I love the stones. The pillows add a great touch too.



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