Thursday, July 21, 2005

So Many Daylilies--So Little Time to Deadhead

I did not realize how many daylilies I have.

Unfortunately I can't remember the names of some of them. This peachy one with the pinky-red eye is one I like a lot.

I probably have at least 4 others that I did not take a picture of. I am very fond of daylilies.

Their only negative is that they last just one day and the spent flowers hanging all over the plant really detract from the overall appearance. I don't deadhead them every day as I just don't have the time to do so. If I was home every day, I probably would. It makes all the difference in the display.


  1. Beautiful daylilies! The lily experts apparently call the deadheading "breaking bloom". I find it hard to do in the evening when they're still perfect so I usually leave them until the next day. They do look ragged if you leave the dead blooms on. I don't have very many daylilies ... yet.

  2. "Breaking bloom" -- I like that. Sounds so much nicer than "deadheading", doesn't it?


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