Friday, July 8, 2005

I Brake For Sales

Yesterday I went to Home Depot to look for paint for the living room. Naturally, I strolled through the garden center on the way in. I expected everything to be almost sold out by now. Imagine my surprise when I saw racks and racks of hanging baskets that had just arrived. I did a double take when I saw the price tag – only $3.99 each for 10-inch baskets.

I burned some rubber as those cart wheels screeched to a sudden halt.

I crammed in as many baskets as would fit (5 ). This variegated lantana is my favorite. It smells heavenly. I bought two cascading petunia baskets and replanted the container over the arbor. The wave petunias that were up there are now planted in the ground where they can be shown to their best advantage. The remaining baskets were plopped atop the yellow chairs next to the arbor.

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