Saturday, July 2, 2005

BRRRRRRRR....Chilly Morning

It is only 45 degrees here this morning (6:12 a.m.). After 80 - 90 degree weather all week, it felt good last night to sleep under my quilt. I have not picked up a needle in over a month now and am missing it. Next week I am taking 4 days off work, so maybe I can work on the jean quilt then.

Today I am going to cut up an old quilt that I made for my son in the late 1970's--Remember those old calicoes? Well here they all are, or what is left of them. This is the first quilt I ever made and was used on my son's bed for years, but it is now so tattered. I am going to cut it into smaller squares to use on the deck on the back of the benches . The fabrics are the same as those in the little crazy quilt that I use now. I have had reservations about cutting it up (being my first one and all). But it is useless as it is, so I think today will be the day.


  1. I just love quilts. Where some people see nothing more than a pile of material I see the love that went into making it. I see the quilter carefully cutting and sewing each piece with the vision of the finished product in their mine.

    Are you sure you want to cut it up? It may be tattered but that doesn't make it useless does it? I have a couple of quit tops that my great grandmother never finished but I treasure them because they are a link to her. Perhaps some day your grandchildren or great grandchildren might feel the same way about this old tattered quilt.

  2. wow. It's really cheeful ....It will look great on your porch among all those flowers.

  3. Love it, so cheerful!
    Dorothee from


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