Wednesday, July 6, 2005

New Kitchen Basket Arrangements

The first thing I did this morning (after 2 cups of coffee) was make up two new baskets for the kitchen. When DH got home last night, he, too, liked the baskets better. So I rummaged around and found some different items--this time I have a cobalt blue theme going. I didn't feel like spending too much time on it, so just sort of threw things together. In one basket, I added some fresh flowers (Sweet William and clustered bellflower). I like it better now, but it is not the permanent arrangement. At least everything got cleaned last night--you won't find a speck of dust (even in the grooves of the baskets), so my time was not totally wasted.


  1. I'm a cobalt blue fan, too. Looks nice. I esp. like the chicken one.

    Your color sense is dead on.

  2. I also love cobalt blue, esp in a window where the light comes in.
    I really like your arrangements!

  3. I'd love to see the other half of your kitchen sometime! I need inspiration from someone with a sparkling clean, neat kitchen. Mine is about 11' by 12', so not very large.

  4. Thanks, guys. DH likes it, too, so I guess it will stay for a while.

  5. Zoey, I think you need to keep a shop with antiques and crafts that you can arrange to your heart's content. You really have a knack for putting things together.

  6. Sabine, That does sound like it would be fun!

    Dianne, It is NOT always sparkling clean. Those baskets were full of dust before I took them apart.


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