Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Completed new valance and round coffee table. It took me a bit of time to come up with a covering for the round table. I first covered it with a lace tablecloth which I did not really like. Then I remembered this pink log cabin quilt that was under my bed. I did not make it. It was a QVC purchase from many years ago. I like the quilt better than the tablecloth.


  1. How pretty and Victorian looking! Is the valance a mocha/brown color? I really like the quilt topped round table and how it coordinates with the sofas. Good decorating job!
    BTW, have you seen Design remix on HGtv? You'd loce that one.

  2. Dianne, It is actually a greenish tannish color with light blue and tan stripes. The sofa has blue and green and tan in it, so I thought the stripe would coordinate. The problem is that now that is it done and way up there high, you can't really see the stripes!
    Yes, I have seen Design Remix -- About the only channels I watch are HGTV, FOODTV and FOX. You might say I am an HG/FOODTV junkie! I am watching Landscape Challenge right now.

  3. I enlarged the photo and took another look and I see the stripes. Have you made curtains for your entire home?
    I haven't made any lately, but I have made simple ones for our first apartment and this house. I should sew more as you get more one-of-a-kind designs.
    I love The Learning Channel too!

  4. Argh! Zoey!?! Are those Plastic Houseplants???

    I'm so dissapointed. (no, not really... slightly shocked, tho.)

    I once had my blended family over. My stepbrother looked around before he left and said with a touch of wonder in his voice: "I just realized all these plants are real." I was tickled pink.

    Anyway. If you have a bit of patience (and what gardener doesn't?) you can buy a pair of ficus that are small and watch them grow. They do well in the house under steady light conditions. I have a variegated in the bright light by the window, and a green on the other side of the room where the light is more diffused. Only thing to remember is that these plants like to dry out between waterings. (they may drop a lot of leaves when you first bring them in, ignore them and they will recover)

    I bought my one plant at about 8 inches a decade or so ago, it's about three foot tall these days.

  5. LOL, Jenn,
    Yes, indeed they are fake plants. I have no houseplants--that is not exactly true--I have 2 Christmas catscus that were given to me as gifts. By the time winter comes, I am happy to get a rest from caring for the live ones!

  6. Dianne, I have made quite a few valances. Just about every room has a valance that I have made. I live in a small town and variety is not easy to come by. JC Penney is about it. They have some nice items, but most valances are about $30 a panel (and probably not lined). I needed 5 panels for this window. You do the math. By carefully shopping the fabric store sales, I made these for about 15% of what I could buy them for, assuming I could find the fabric I wanted, and mine are also lined in white (I like everything to look white from outside).

  7. *grins*

    Well, I can see the logic in that. And the christmas cactus are such undemanding little guys.

    I just can't be happy without lots of green around me.

    Mark, however, is with you. He could do with a bit less 'jungle' as he calls it. I just tell him we need a bigger house!


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