Sunday, July 31, 2005

Purple Fountain Grass Develops its Seed Heads

This is the first year I have tried purple fountain grass, ('Rubrum' Pennisetum setaceum). I bought two of them and after getting them home, I really did not know where to plant them. I first put them in with the hibiscus, then decided they would get too tall and moved them to the rockwall garden. After a week in the rockwall garden, I decided it was too far away to appreciate them, so I dug them up again and just put them in a pot, so I could move them around. Lord knows, I live to move things around! One of them currently resides in a purple grouping on the deck. I think I like this grass. I am glad I put it on the deck where I can walk by often and run my fingers over its "purple nodding seed plumes" which are very soft. It is a perennial in warmer climates, so I am going to try to overwinter it.


  1. Hi Zoey;
    My Name is Jude, I also reside in Michigan....and the funny thing is I also bought two of these plants this year at Lowes. I am also going to try and put them away for the winter, I LOVE THEM!! How do you plan on putting them away?? I have them in two large square pots at the entrance of my back deck, everyone comments on them, I love to touch the plumbs, told my husband they feel like kittens, haha. I also have two crape myrtles, they are native to the south, but mine are kicking with beautiful blooms this year, I have had them for two years. I bring them in on my glassed in back porch in the winter in their pots, they are also a joy! So ok then just thought I'd share my comments

  2. Hi jude. Welcome! I am planning to cut them down in the fall and just leave them in their pot and store them in my unheated crawl space. I store my canna, callas, & dahlias there and so far it has worked well. I am thinking (hoping) that this grass goes dormant for the winter. It will not get any water at all until May when I pull it back out. If I am still blogging next spring, I will let you know if it worked.


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