Saturday, July 9, 2005

Back Arbor Leading to Woodsy Area

The impatiens are filling in very nicely here. The 'grow bags' on the sides are almost totally filled in (these are the bags that the rabbits ate some of the plants while I had it lying on the ground). You can see the hole toward the bottom on the right side. It looks like I had the camera tilted when I took this pic because I don't think the arbor is really that crooked.


  1. How do you like your paver form? I visited a garden today that had used these extensively, and I found them fine to walk on, but Mark commented that they were 'ankle turners'

    Is the mold as easy to use as they claim? And did you get the 'odd job' mixer to process the concrete?

    Lots of questions from me today, eh?

  2. Jenn, The forms are very easy to use. We just mixed it in a plastic bucket. I have not found them hard to walk on. I used to have actual flat rocks in that space, and those I did find hard to walk on.

  3. Thanks for sharing your garden. I picked you up through Sandy's garden. I love your flowers on the arbour. How are the top ones planted. I'm having a wedding in my yard next year, and I don't think my roses are going to reach the top by then. I don't want to see containers. Thanks, Mrs. W.

  4. Welcome, Mrs. W,
    The top ones are just in plastic white containers (white to match the arbor as I, too, don't like to see containers). The 10" pots just happen to fit perfectly between the top slats, so they are hidden unless you stand directly under and look up.


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