Sunday, July 3, 2005

Centerpiece for Table

Today I rectified a few container planting mistakes. When I planted the grill, I thought I had all purple petunias, so I planted an orange Gerbera daisy for an accent. As it turned out the petunias were mixed colors and the Gerbera no longer did what I had intended. While sitting on the deck looking at my bare table near the back arbor, I decided it needed a centerpiece. So I dug the Gerbera daisy out of the grill as I thought the orange color would look nice on the yellow table. I couldn�t find a short container for it, so I took a plastic hanging plant container and cut it down. I can now enjoy the daisy more as it was getting lost amid the petunias. I also dug out a couple of calla lilies that just didn�t look good where they were.

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