Friday, July 8, 2005

Lysimachia punctata ‘Alexander' ...Yellow Loosestrife

I planted this last fall because I loved the variegated foliage -- bright green leaves edged and streaked with creamy white. It has just begun blooming and I really like the whorls of bright yellow flowers. It is supposed to bloom for about two months in the summer.


  1. I've got that one! It's the Alexander variety of Lysimachia punctata, right? (I think it's a hoot that this plant is commonly called Loosestrife and so is the purple Lythrum I have in my garden. Ack - common names!)

    I don't like where mine is located, right next to a variegated sedum. Too much variegation looks sickly.

  2. Yes, it is, Kasmira. I just realized that I forgot to post the header with its name. Some people do confuse it with the purple "loosestrife", but I don't believe it is related.

  3. I have the plain leaf variety, but I think that I like this much better.


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