Wednesday, July 20, 2005

There is one annual flower that I have never really liked -- marigolds. I don't really know why. My husband, on the other hand, says marigolds are his favorite flower. This year I decided to buy a flat and do my large planters on each side of the deck entrance. I picked a goldish orangey yellow color. Then I planted two more double planters in a complementary orange marigold with purple coleus. And guess what? I like this planting quite a bit! It is certainly better than the miniature sunflowers I planted from seed last year. They took months before they even bloomed and then they looked scraggly. Maybe I should listen to my husband more


  1. I love marigolds since they are easy to grow and hardy. When I have a bare spot I need to fill in I just dig one up and move it. This year I planted a bunch at the back of my garden near the fence so when I move them it won't be that noticable since there are other plants in front of them (unusual me to have such foresight). And some are going to be moved shortly to the side garden I am working on.

    One other bit of info told to me this year is that they should be planted around rose bushes to help keep the aphids away, and they work on mosquitos too!


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