Saturday, July 16, 2005

We still have not had a drop of rain and it has been near or above 90 all week. I have watered only the areas in the gardens that were desperate. I just have too much to water it all. Right now every area is desperate. There is a slight chance of a thunderstorm tonight and 50 percent chance tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Today I went to 'Art on the Bay' which is an arts and crafts show on the shores of Lake Huron. I did not buy a thing and really did not even get any good ideas for projects of my own. I used to do a lot of artsy crafty things, but in the past few years I have done nothing much expect for quilting.

I also did a little tidying up in the rock wall garden. I even moved a couple of hostas and a heuchera. This is really not the best time to do that, but I never pay attention to when the most opportune time is.

The deck plants are doing well. I have spent all my free time the past week making sure they got water, deadheading, etc. I am really tired of watering. They need to be watered right now, but I think I am going to gamble that it will rain tonight. I just don't feel like dragging out the hose and water buckets. I am sure the ligularia is out there sulking like crazy because it has not been watered for more than 24 hours. It is a real PAIN to keep them happy.

Don't you think the foliage on this canna is wonderful? I must say, I love this plant. Even if it never flowered, I would plant it for the foliage alone. Speaking of flowering, I wonder if it ever will bloom this year? Still no sign of a flower stalk.


  1. The cannas do have such pretty and exotic leaves. They remind me of an old Ester Williams movie! The leaves are the 'swimmers' waiting for Ester to appear on a platform coming out of the middle! Can you get a visual? LOL
    Do I see blue salvia in that planter? That's one of my favorite flowers.
    We did have a little rain today. Just enough to keep me inside feeling a bit blue (I am pining for a new kitchen and I seem to be the only one interested). Anyway, I will do a chant for you Zoey!

  2. Well, now, I have never heard such an eloquent description of canna leaves! Yes, I can visualize it.

    Yes, that is blue salvia. It is also one of my favorites (it seems they are all among my favorites!

    Oh, I do hope that chant works!!!! It seems everyone else is drowning in rain water and I can't even get a drop.

  3. When do your cannas usually bloom, Zoey?

    I planted some very late last year and wasn't surprised when they didn't bloom. They came out early enough this year, and I potted them up into a somewhat larger pot as I couldn't keep them wet enough last year... now it's mid July and they don't seem to be getting around to that flower business anytime soon.

    I'm also wondering just how big a pot they should be in. I have three small sets I bought from Walmart in a 14" pot, and I'm not sure that is big enough. Last year they were in a 12" pot...

    Can you advise on any of this?

  4. Jenn, I am not really sure. I bought this one canna last year from Home Depot and it already had a flower stalk. I think they bloom late July to early August in my area. I hope I will find out soon. I transplanted my one plant into a LARGE metal washtub last year when I bought it. I just left it in the tub and stored it under the house all winter. It has really spread this year. Does anyone else know when to expect bloom?

  5. Oo. You stored it under the house. Hey! I can try that. Cool! Might work for the dahlias I picked up on impulse, too.

    One plant. Large washtub. Man, I've got those babies crowded. (Goes off to ponder availability of pot alternatitives)

  6. Jen, I do store my dahlia tubers in the same place. I also just leave the tuber in the pot and put the whole pot (soil and all) under there. They go under the house in October and I don't do a thing until I pull them out in May. Very easy and so far it has worked like a charm for me.

  7. Hope you get some rain. We have been hot and humid (along with rain) here for the past week. I'll wish some of it your way!


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