Tuesday, July 26, 2005

About two weeks ago when I finished all of my planting, I took the few left over plants and stuck them in a container with an Elephant Ears bulb. The Elephant Ears had been in a smaller container since late May. I just left them sitting on the ground near the hose. Elephant Ears need a LOT of water, so every day when I got the hose out I doused them. They take FOREVER to come up, but as you can see below, they finally have started. I have had these bulbs for years and they are never anything too spectacular. Right now, though, I think they look kind of nice.


  1. Your containers are great Zoey.

  2. I love my elephant ear. I bought a very large bulb and so have a very large plant. They do take forever to emerge. I am going to try overwintering mine.


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