Monday, July 25, 2005

Every Job Has Its Perks

At our hotel we have Randy, "The Cookie Man".

Randy is one of our guests who drives a truck for a cookie Company. He stays with us one night each week. Every now and then Randy drops off goodies for us. The frequency of the drop offs seems to coincide with the attractiveness of the Guest Service Reps. Whenever we have a young, good-looking lady at the desk, the cookies seem to appear quite often. This may only be my imagination, but about 6 months ago one of the really attractive ladies left and suddenly there were fewer and fewer cookie packages. About two months ago we hired a new young lady and now the treats have been appearing almost weekly.

Today he brought in two big boxes full of chocolate-covered Oreos, Chips Ahoy 'Candy Blasts' and bags of smoked almonds. Whatever the reason he chose to bestow these gifts, it was a nice treat at 2 in the afternoon when we are all getting a bit hungry. I ate a bag of almonds and brought the rest home for DH, who enjoys his sweets much more than I do.

We sure will miss that young woman when she goes back to college this fall!

1 comment:

  1. Yummy cookies, you may have to be sure they hire another young girl unless of course you want to diet.


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