Friday, July 22, 2005

Dare I Post this on a Gardening Blog?

I was just reading Sylvana's current post about sunflowers. She noted that few people seem to be growing them and she wondered if it was because they don't like them. It seemed that most of her commenters said they liked them but just had no luck growing them. That's me. I love sunflowers, but they just don't grow for me. So I have had to resort to big bunches of fake ones. As much as I love real flowers, sometimes the fakes just fill the need!


  1. Love your garden blog. You need to come to Kansas we have the most beautiful sunflowers they hate wet feet they love dry hot summers.. Kansas is the perfect place.. Tina

  2. I use to grow all kinds of sunflowers...before the deer started to eat them. I am lucky if I have a few left out there. They aren't that difficult to grow but like Tina said, too much rain and not enough sun will do them in even if you don't have a deer problem.
    A former friend use to start hers indoors in the spring. I guess it makes the plants stronger, but I think just popping them in the ground is just a good.

  3. Just popping 'the seeds' in the ground is what I meant.

  4. Ah wet feet that must be the problem, we have had lots of rain which is unusual here but I have noticed mine is starting to perk up now the rain has gone. Thanks

  5. we passed acres of sunflowers on our trip thru Kansas last weekend. I think they grow them as a crop.

    We have them come up from seed all the time here. I think they started from the birdfeeder. If we did not pull 99% of them they would cover the yard in a couple of years.

  6. I want to get some fake sunflowers for my kitchen so that I can see sunflowers all year round!
    Plant your sunflowers on a hill or berm to keep their feet dry.


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