Wednesday, September 6, 2006

So Many Blogs, so Little Time

First of all I would like to thank eveyone who has taken the time to offer a comment the past few days.

I've been so busy working, finishing my quilt, watering the deck plants, cooking dinners, tending to the bare minimum of household chores, and investigating new blogs from some new commenters that I just haven't had much time to answer very many of the comments. I do want everyone to know how much I appreciate each and every one!

Tracy asked me what was hanging off to one side of my arbor. Tracy, do you mean this wall planter?
It's filled with New Guinea Impatiens and.......hmmmm....darned if I haven't forgotten the name of that variegated long stuff. Anyway, I have one of these on both sides of the inside arbor.

Giddy asked me if my darling DH helped to keep the garden in order.
Hear that loud thud?
It was me falling to the floor from my uncontrolled laughter.

No, DH does not tend to any daily garden chores. He does cut the grass and is there to help if I really need him (like when we put in the stone pavers for the walking path). But the main upkeep is all mine.

While taking my nightly walk about, I noticed how pretty this Silver King Artemesia is planted in back of the Sedum A. Joy.

This one is on the opposite side of the house as the main gardens above.

Giddy also asked about the size of the garden. I don't really know. We purchased the lot next to us so noone could build there. I am gardening on two lots and they are something like 100' by 200' each. I have about 12 or 13 different garden areas. All I really know is that I have way too much to care for and still work full time!


  1. That's a lot of garden to keep up by yourself! I didn't realize you did it with no help from DH!

  2. Isn't that vinca vine?
    I should be doing more myself, but with the wet weather we've just had and my allergies acting up, I am online way too much. I need to have a schedule for myself for the wintertime.

  3. Not more're killing me now...truly lovely...seriously.

  4. I had a good chuckle at THUD. My husband doesn't help with the garden chores either. He mows the lawn occassionally for me but usually I'm too impatient and I want it done sooner.

  5. I too chuckled at the thud :) I do my own garden chores as well. Ross is a big help when I'm digging or expanding, and has taken over most of the work in the vege garden in recent years. That in itself is an enormous help.
    I usually mow the lawn, he usually weed whacks.
    That's an enormous lot of work. I'm amazed you can keep it looking so beautiful and work full time. You do a wonderful job.
    The NG impatiens with the vinca looks so pretty.
    Wish I had some Autumn Joy! I pull out artemesia a lot because it spreads so rapidly, but it's a very pretty filler.
    There are never enough hours in the day, are there?

  6. I have just one sunflower that made it from spring to summer this year . . but she has two heads!
    The deer ate her "head" off when she was a baby but now she will have two flowers . . .I'll post her glory when she pops.
    . . . anyway, I love your sunflowers (etc)

  7. Yes, that was the planter! It looks great. I never have luck with impatiens, but next year I'll have to try them again.

    What a great idea to purchase the lot next door. You must love all the extra space.

  8. Kerri, good point on the artemesia. I should have mentioned how invasive it is. Someone with a smaller garden would probably not want to plant it.
    I love it for filler in my bouquets.

  9. Zoey,
    Trailing vinca is the vine, it's a perennial, so if you wanna try to overwinter it, it should be fine for next year!


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