Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday morning Garden Views

I went outside at just the right time for taking photos. The lighting was great. I took 116 pictures and almost all of them turned out nice. How rare is that?
Here's one taken through the driftwood in the woodland area. It's a new angle for me and I like it enough to show all of you.

Here I am standing about 10 feet to the left front of the above picture. The New England asters are closed because there is no sun out yet. They make a nice frame for the rockwall garden.
More asters on the other side almost ready to open.

This big pine tree provides much needed shade during the summer months. The glider is placed right under it.

Through the dead lilies

I've planted a few burning bushes in the rock garden for fall color. This one seems to be doing the job quite nicely.

Oh, and DH just informed me a skunk has taken up residence directly under my deck. No wonder the yard was full of skunk holes this morning.


  1. Beautiful pics Zoey, I love the driftwood. Are your hens and chicks in a pot or planted in the driftwood? Love it. I made the living wreath with hens and chicks (thanks for the directions) now I'm going to have to find some driftwood.

  2. Loved the different view through the driftwood.
    I didn't know skunks made holes! Hope they keep their distance!

  3. Skunks are after your grubs. That's a good thing, even if it is unsightly.

  4. Wow!! Over 100 photos in one day-you amaze me! I think I took that many on our 4 day trip to Florida last year. : )
    These are really great shots of your gorgeous yard. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Pat, I wish you would get a blog so I can see your creations! The hens/chicks are literally just thrown on the driftwood with whatever soil stayed when I dug them up.

    Sue, I tried to post a pic of the skunk holes, but blogger would not let me add another one. I wish they would increase the number of pics you can add.

    Jenn, I just told DH the very same thing. He wants to trap the skunk, but I told him as long as they don't come out during the day, why bother.

    Dianne, I take a 100 pics or more almost every weekend. I just go out and start shooting and when I get in, I have way more than I expected. I love to try different angles, stooping low to the ground, shooting thru other things, etc. I usually end up keeping only about a dozen of them. I LOVE digital cameras!

    Thanks for your nice comments, everyone. I am on coffee break from digging out sedum in the rockwall garden. I've been doing it for 2 hours and I'm getting pretty tired.

  6. "as long as they don't come out during the day, why bother"

    You will get a skunky smell around your deck if they take up residence there. (Not as bad as when they spray, but kind of like how you can tell cats have been marking certain areas. It's a sharp, lingering odour.)

    The poor things, they can't help it, but no matter what they do, they SMELL.

  7. Oh dear, an univited guest has taken up residence at your place. Kerri was telling me the other night about all the hassles when a skunk sprays. Let's hope nothing upsets this one whilst he is under your deck.

  8. I see your colchicums blooming! Are you satisfied with how they've multiplied?


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