Saturday, September 9, 2006

Oh the Joy of Sedum Autumn Joy

I have it EVERYWHERE. It's quite a change from all the orange I have during mid summer, isn't it?
Today I spotted my first aster in bloom (the purple flower on the left). I have quite a lot of asters in this area. They should all bloom within a week or so. I hope they bloom while the black-eyed Susans are still around. Often they bloom so late that nothing else is left. This year I did not cut them back because I wanted earlier blooms.


  1. AH yes for autumn joy! How can you not feel joy looking this garden!

  2. It looks great in your garden! I've seen some gardens where it doesn't look so great. Thanks for restoring my faith in Autumn Joy.

  3. Hi Zooey, love your asters but have a question for you. I planted some just this year and basically they are doing nothing. No buds and barely any growth. Do they need a full year before they bloom? Your garden looks great and still going so strong. TWT

  4. Me again. Apologizing cause I spelled your name incorrectly. Fingers are faster than the brain. Sorry. TWT

  5. Your garden looks very nice Zoey. I love Asters too. I have some of them in my garden as well. What are you going to do with that soil? Just add it or build a new area?

  6. Maria, At the moment I have no plans for a new garden, but I have a lot of topsoil to use up, so you never know.

    TWT, I don't worry about misspellings. I do it all the time, too.

    I do hear of those not liking SAJ, but I just cannot imagine how that could be so. LIke Nature Girl says, it gives me joy just looking at it.

    That plant is the easiest I have to grow and it gives more impact than any other I have.

    I guess it does flop for a lot of people. I probably have poor soil because it rarely flops for me.

  7. TWT,
    What kind of asters are they? Usually they bloom the first year, though sometimes not until October. In your milder climate they probably will bloom later than mine. Don't give up hope!

  8. The sedums are beautiful in your fall garden! I have several varieties, one of which I purchased this year - a beautiful burgundy one.

  9. Did you get a real bargain on the Autumn Joy plants?;o)I have grown some from seed; but cannot imagin have that many.
    I love the way they outline your flower beds. Thanks for the tour of you lovely gardens.


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